North Lexington Veterinary Clinic - Don't go to Dr.J.Rankin (Owner I believe) of North Broadway Veterinary Clinic in Lexington,Kentucky


Dr. Rankin and her staff at North Broadway Veterinary Clinic at 1402 N.

Broadway, Lexington, Ky. Phone No.859-255-5659 Talked to me and my wife like dirt today because yesterday I called and told them we were going to get my dogs meds through 1-800-PetMeds because they are 1/3rd the price!! I caught the receptionist in a lie but Dr. Rankin didn't care.

She said I needed an expensive test for my dog before she would write the script, even though THEY, (North Broadway Veterinary Clinic) has been selling me this medication without the test for over 2 years. They would have sold it to me today without the test too if I wasn't going through PetMeds.

The receptionist made me upset because she talked to us like we were something she wanted to scrape off of her shoe. I used a bad word in talking to her on the phone,(She used the same word) I don't like bad language and I regret using it, but in my defense She woke us up with this call and like I said was very nasty to us.

I also have MS and I'm having a relapse right now. That makes it hard for me to think clearly at times, so when little miss perfect very rudely interrupted me for the 3rd time. I said (wait a bleeping min.) and she told us we could no longer bring our pets there. When I asked to speak to the Dr.

she said no and hung up.

We drove to the office and told the receptionist we wanted to speak to Dr. Rankin to complain and SHE used the same bad word to me that she didn't like when I said it. Dr.

Rankin didn't care that her receptionist used the same language she said we were no longer able to bring our pets there. Then she mentioned that we want to get our meds "cheaper" on line and that we get our dogs shots "cheaper" through the county humane shelter so it's obvious what the real reason is why we are no longer welcome there. My female Shepherd is pregnant and we had plans to bring her in for a check up. We have had both of our dogs in for various things.

We have spent money there when necessary. But it's *** to pay her $140.00 for a med I can get on line for $50.00, or to pay her $120.00 for a shot I can get for $10.00 at the shelter. Dr. Rankin's greed is amazing and she lets it interfere with business, common sense and the way she treats people.

I believe she doesn't care about the animals she treats or the people who own them, all she cares about is money.

Monetary Loss: $400.



I totally disagree with this. I have gotten my meds from outsources through the clinic and have never ever been treated this way.

Our doc there is Dr. Jarboe but we have also seen Dr. Rankin and she was wonderful. The staff have always been kind and professional and the doctors are top notch.

You get what you pay for. They are not the cheapest hospital in town, but you get the best of care there. I was a vet tech for 8 years in another state that had wonderful service for our pets and this place is equal to the care I am accustomed to. I have purchased meds there at the hospital, and have had them write prescriptions for online places as well.

I would recommend this hospital to anybody that places their pet's care as equal to their own.

I have never had a bad experience there and I have been taking my pets there for years. North Lexington Veterinary Clinic rocks!!


An adverse reaction from a vet or staff member for purchasing your pets medications elsewhere is no at all uncommon as the sale of medications thru the a vet not only adds to their personal financial income it also adds to their overall business income reflected on their books as well. I went through the same thing with a private mobile vet who took care of several of my pets and she was appalled that I went thru pet meds and or Foster/Smith for the my pets medications.

One medication was $125.00 thru the vet and only $59.00 purchased thru Foster/Smith. Long story short my mobile vet just up and quit on me after stating she had a small practice and was very upset that I purchased medications thru as she stated the big box pet suppliers as opposed to purchasing the meds thru her. Ever since I tell any vet I take my animals to, not to automatically fill an in house prescription without first asking me, as I will do a price check first for the lowest cost I'm able to find the medication for. I'm not seeing a vet to financially support their in stock pharmacy products.

I'm paying them for their medical services & knowledge for the treatment of my pets. PERIOD.

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